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What various varieties of topics in an exceedingly Group Discussion?

A Group Discussion could also be supported 2 types of topics:

Factual: Such topics need familiarity with facts/information on static/dynamic parts of the atmosphere (such as social, political, economical, etc.). These topics are often more categorised into the following:

Factual Generic –

These topics need a basic level of awareness with relation to the varied segments of our surroundings. They check you a lot of on social skills, behavior and your ability to come up with points, instead ofseparate sectoral data. Examples:

Cricket and Republic of India
Issues of managing diversity in an exceedingly country like Republic of India
Honesty is that the best policy
Living in an exceedingly joint family is best
Guessing is AN act of intelligence

Factual Specific: These topics assess you on specific challenges in gathering and analyzing data on choose areas. an intensive understanding of current affairs will guarantee a high comfort level in handling such topics. Examples:

WTO and its impact on the Indian Economy
The shrub revolution and implications for the Arab world
The monetary unit crisis: problems and challenges


Such topics area unit supported your perception. The manner you examine the subject decides your futureparticipation and performance. The challenge here is to place forth multiple implications of the subject then evoke a discussion on a number of them. plan generation and talent to feature a tangible ANgle to an otherwise abstract topic area unit the hallmarks of success here. Examples:

Pigs will fly
And the clock stricken 13!
Pink pyjamas over the Red Fort
Red is red, blue is blue and ne\'er the 2 shall meet

Handling Factual Topics:

The first step towards approaching factual topics is to appear at the subject from multiple views. attempt to get the explanations behind the topic/issue. this could facilitate in covering a lot of areas of the subject. it\'s extremelycounseled that one mustn\'t take a pre-mediated stand before the beginning of the subject, because it could limitone to contribute new ideas to the subject and conjointly the discussion becomes a lot of of a discussion. Factual Topics are often more classified into the subsequent categories:

Current Affairs

The techniques that you just will adopt to manage factual topics are:

Try and realize the stake holders within the given issue- try to decipher those parts that are accountable for the occurring of the matter. Also, decipher the weather that area unit getting to lose or enjoy the difficulty

Handling Abstract Topics:

The techniques that you just will adopt to manage abstract topics are:Creativity and Lateral Thinking: Focus the cluster on thinking as creatively as potential then translating that thinking into concrete ideas and words

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