Wings to


Posted by on Tue, 06 Aug 2019 17:36:25 +0000

Love 💙what can we say about love..
its eternal and internal.
we want someone..
we need someone..
so many definitions of love people gives everytime..

Love is all about oblation to the second person.

love doesnt mean that two persons have to be together for ever. its all about the time the memories we hold just to be in love those moments. A picture never tells how are you looking ?

A picture always tells us the lovable moments, the memories, and then we feel love thats the love we want the purity in the feel..

Wings to love💞

Dont wanna say much but yeah having someone in life whom we love eternally will really please you you will find peace in you time travels like the drops of rain that falls continuously.. love needs to be free we cant bound anyone its just need to be spread all over.❤